Member Benefits

Your membership in the Regional Chamber puts you in good company. Our members represent some of Northeast Indiana’s most influential business leaders and dynamic corporations.

You have the ability to help craft the strategies for the Regional Agenda that will achieve our mission. Membership in the Regional Chamber allows you the opportunity to get involved at every level. Ultimately, we will shape an environment in Northeast Indiana where individuals, businesses and communities can thrive.

Access to Information, People, and Process

Membership gives you a whole new level of access to decision makers. Up-to-date communications on Northeast Indiana initiatives, enhanced relationships with the region’s legislative delegation, and inside prospective on issues as they relate to Northeast Indiana put you and your business in the best position to make your voice heard.

Join the Policy Committee

The policy Committee examines regional, state, and federal issues and develops the organization’s positions. The committee is responsible for the development of the Regional Agenda and proposes positions and actions to promote the best environment for job growth and economic development. The committee meets monthly; all members of the Chamber are welcome. Contact us today to join.

Quarterly Membership Meetings

The membership gathers four times each year to hear presentations from state and nationally renowned speakers, members of the Northeast Indiana Legislative Delegation, and engage in discussions about the pressing business issues of the day. Learn from and with our region’s top business leaders and use that knowledge to make your business grow.