Representing Private Sector Businesses in all 11 counties of Northeast Indiana.

OUR MISSION | The Regional Chamber of Northeast Indiana promotes an environment where individuals, businesses, and communities can thrive in a 21st-Century economy.

21st-Century Talent

Advance policies that improve education, expand employer access to a qualified workforce and promote lifetime learning.

Competitive Business Climate

Support tax, environmental, employment, and economic development policies that help our 11-county Northeast Indiana region (NEIN) thrive in a 21st-Century economy.

Rural Investment / Re-investment

Encourage and support policies that help the rural communities of NE Indiana be sustainable. Support agribusiness and technology that is rooted in rural Indiana.

World Class Infrastructure

Encourage creatively financed, sustainable, future-ready infrastructure connecting Northeast Indiana to the world.

Who We Are and The Difference We Make

The Regional Chamber advocates for businesses in shaping laws, policies, and regulations. We care about all Hoosiers, but our primary focus is the 11 counties of Northeast Indiana. Our nonpartisan approach to advancing legislation important to Northeast Indiana’s growth enhances cooperation and coordination among the area’s 9 senators, 12 representatives, 2 U.S. Congressmen, and 2 U.S. Senators.

We respond to the concerns of our members and craft legislative initiatives to address them. We engage lawmakers, assist them in authoring legislation, and support them as these bills work through the General Assembly. The competition for legislative success is fierce and requires persistence.  Our “One Region, One Voice” approach is a significant advantage for initiatives backed by The Regional Chamber on behalf of our members.

Our efforts generate legislative action that enables major change. Several organizations are important in advancing Northeast Indiana’s economy, developing the workforce, and attracting new employers.  We eagerly partner with all of them. Yet The Regional Chamber is unique in the results we produce over legislative action that often impacts statewide.