Competitive Business Environment

Identifying all issues that impact the competitiveness of our environment. Items may require additional, fewer, or amended regulations or statutes to remedy the situation. 

To encourage additional private sector input into our process to develop the Annual Legislative Priority Agenda, the Board of Directors established four sub-committees to advise the Policy Committee. The goal is to encourage more subject matter experts to suggest specific areas of laws or regulations that require enactment, amendment, or elimination in furtherance of the Regional Chamber’s Mission to “Promote an environment in Northeast Indiana in which people, businesses, and communities thrive in a global economy.”

The sub-committee should meet once or twice per month, as needed, in a virtual meeting format, with meetings taking no longer than 60 minutes. The sub-committees should identify issues they believe the Policy Committee should investigate and develop policy priorities for the Regional Chamber Board of Directors to consider. These issues can be defined in a few sentences, and the Policy Committee should vet the ideas and, if warranted, draft policy items for consideration.